Brush Pack Professional volume 4 - Classic Art

Brush preview

Pens: Unlike simple PS brushes we used Double sampled technology in 16 bit color deph. It uses unique autorized HRDR samples and allow very smooth inter-sampling fill and also auto-smoothing stroke curvature. This effect was named “Liquid Ink” and let you to almost feel ink flow with your hand when pressing stylus – Just try to make some signature.

Pencils: There were created nice pencils with very pleasent pressure reaction when placing tone strokes. Also two universal lead simulators for charcoal/pastel/chalk simulations Just use white color for chalk, black for coal, and any pastel colors for pastel. There also 2 pencil FX tone Brushes wich are really fantastic tool.

Brushes: You must just try. No words.

Smudge: Fantastic “Water Dissolve” smudge brush instrument allow you to make revolutional in digital art local dissolve paint effect.

As useful bonus: There also noisy textured pencil eraser added for more realistic work!

Features of this art pack:

First of all its not just extremaly realistic look for strokes, but also maximum possible comfort and intuitive hand adaptaion like you feel with real qualitive art tools. It guaranteed that in a little pencil skilful hands your drawings will identical with natural scanned.

You’ll love simplicity and effectiveness, so that You’ll include this brush pack in your permanent collection because you can not do anything like that with any other brushes as I did myself.