8 Fabulous Hi-Res Brushes (.ABR) from Hell!

Brush preview

This is one of my favorite sets. I am usually modest about my stuff, but these 8 brushes are so grungy and dirty but in the same time so modern and cool that each brush stamped by itself can make a separate artwork piece. You can use them for web AND print. Extremely high resolution lets you create 300 dpi posters in 11”x17” (or larger) in the original brush size! Yes, they are BIG , sharp and very stylish. My favorite trick is to use one brush in white, then another one on top of it, in black (which creates the illusion of depth). Dark red is also cool, but you should experiment with colors and blend modes. Use each brush on a separate layer, then use some of these brushes as the eraser (lower the opacity to 30% or so) and delete around edges, resize the brush, and delete some on the inside (it creates a nice watercolor effect).

Use these brushes on my grunge backgrounds for amazing results (check my portfolio for many available sets of textures, backgrounds and other templates).

Good luck brushing!

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