BrushKing Rebooted: New Design, New Functionalities

Added on April 19th 2011

Today, I'm glad to deliver this new version of BrushKing. It isn't a simple reboot of the design, we change lots of things in the core script of BrushKing. So let me show what we work on to improve the website :).

1. Brushking was launch in August 2008. Since then we have grown a lot and it's now around 10 000 visitors that come here every day to download the best free Photoshop Brushes... Few months ago, the web site has started to become slow and you probably got some 500 errors if you come here frenquently. I hope that this time is ended, we have done lots of optimization in the core script to improve the MySQL queries, the cache system and other little things like the javascript (JQuery instead of Mootools), CSS ...

2. We also improve the admin panel and it will now be easier to manage the site and to add more and more new brushes :).

 3. We added a completely new "home made" algorithm for the brushes search engine. This will be helpful to find the brushes that you need.   

4. We added a Twitter and a Facebook Account so yo can now become a fan or follow us. And help us to spread the word about BrushKing on all the Social Network.

5. An about page appeared

Lots of bugs have been corrected, but we can have missed some of them so if you can drop us a line if you find something it would be great.

We are of course very interested to have some feedback in the comments so don't hesitate to give your opignion about this new version.


 To remember here a preview of the old design :

Brushking V1




  • added on April 19th 2011

    The comment form is now available :)

  • Jez
    added on May 27th 2011

    Can't believe it was less than 3 years ago that you started. You have come a long way and the new designs look amazing. Congratulations

  • added on May 31st 2011

    Thanks for your comment.

  • added on June 8th 2011

    how to use the brushes with different colors?