Welcome to BrushKing

Added on July 29th 2008

Thanks for visiting BrushKing.eu, BrushKing is a new collection of high quality Photoshop Brushes. You can download them for free and you can use them for your website design or any other graphic creation.

The Brushes are ordered by categories (The most common are Vectors, Grunge, Abstract...) and by tags that help to search a brush with the "search form".

BrushKing includes 2 different sections the community news and the Brushes Gallery. There is no sign-up or registration on the website. To submit community news, there is a simple form submission (all submissions are moderated before being approved). Feel free to submit one of your own articles or something that you appreciate from another blog. (They just must be "brushes related article"). A brush form submission should be added shortly.


We have two different RSS feeds :

  1. The Brushes feed

  2. The News feed

I hope that BrushKing will help you in your graphic creations.