Ano Hana Flower Photoshop Brushes

Added on October 8th 2013
Brush preview

The first brush that I've ever offered omgomg.

Made in Photoshop CS3. Comes with 3 brush presets, see examples above.

If you'd like to support me, you can buy it (like a donation) for 100points/$1 by clicking the Purchase button on the right side of this page. C: Otherwise you can download it for free from my site below.

Click Here to Download

I originally created this in Illustrator and then turned it into a brush to use for my Android live wallpaper. I wanted it to closely resemble the flowers from the ending~ I couldn't find a brush in this particular shape anywhere else and thought it might be of use to someone.

You may:
• use this brush in your personal work or commission work
• use this brush without linking back (but credit is highly appreciated, and I may even feature you somewhere)

You may not:
• resell this brush
• claim it as your own
• Copy my Android app hehehe. :9

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