Abstract Brushes 13

Added on January 7th 2013
Brush preview

Includes 12 sexy brushes from an upcoming collab between my friend ~RickJames5465 and myself, we have both worked very hard on the collab and I have compiled this brush set to help others get a good start on 3d abstract or if you just want to make a cool signature

If you download please....

1) Check out my friend

2) Favorite for downloading to show if you liked them, help others find them, and to let me know that they actually helped you out a bit

3) I dont require this but if you wish you can either send me a note or : devrickjames5465: of the link to a piece you have used these brushes on

Enjoy everyone! By the way I think that this will be my 2nd to last brush set for about 3 months now

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