Bokeh brush set

Added on January 24th 2012
Brush preview

This bokeh brush set can be DOWNLOADED from DA. Simply click Download button on the left. Brushes resolution varies from 360 px to 400 px. There are 6 brushes: 3 original and 3 scattered.

*SMALL UPDATE: Added PENTAGON brushes: 1 original and 1 scattered. Enjoy!

Please, enjoy it!

I should ask you to :+fav: it if you like it, use it, download it!

*Small advice: these brushes are stock, so in order to make your image more realistic or bright, make this: merge all bokeh or simply all layers -> press ctrl+j (copy layer) -> press filter -> other -> high pass -> choose number from 1 to 3 -> select OVERLAY layer style in layers -> merge all layers.

Made in Photoshop CS2.

Waiting for your art made with my brushes!

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