Random Splatter Brushes PS7+

Added on May 6th 2009
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Turned my old brushes into neat splatter effects. Each brush has a unique look, 2 Look very similar but produce completely different effects.

1) A scratch mark brush that, when used on a single mouse drag, makes an amazing grunge effect. It's not in the splatter category but it is certainly helpful if you are making a quick item that involves splatters and grunges so you don't have to hop back and fourth between brushes.

2) Small and Speckly brushes that are a neat background effect. Once used they can easily pile up which can make a neat fade to an entire shape fade into the background using a single brush.

3) Metallic Effects brush with similar pattern as number four, However this brush has a very precise splatter. I recomend it be used in corners but that's just my concept.

4) The hue and size changes making it looks semi-transparent somehow, Works well with blood on a wall of some horror scene as does number 3!

5) Nice and Round Splatters from my old spray paint brushes (which are horrible), It creates a sense of urbanism in any enviroment. Can be used as extreme dripping as well I suppose.

- Non-Commercial Use
- Link Back if Used on a DA Submission

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