Destroyed Watercolour PS Brushes

Added on January 24th 2009
Brush preview

Okay. So. I guess I have time on my hands, or I just really enjoy doing this stuff, but I have created a new set of photoshop brushes.

As last time, they are completely free for commercial or non-commercial use. If you do use them please give me credit by referencing this post directly, or Please contact me for permission before redistributing these brushes. Also, It would be a HUGE help if you could make a donation to help cover some of the cost of putting these freebies together. Donation button below.

Some of you may be wondering why I chose to call the set destroyed. Well, simply put, I utilized a number of unique watercolour painting techniques in order to give it a more grunge feel. These effects were achieved by using salt, alcohol, plastic wrap, tissue paper, etc I felt this was more of a non-traditional approach, and would be a great asset to your brush arsenal. ALSO check back soon as I have another set of Watercolour brushes Im putting together. Cheers.

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